We will be giving an accounting of all expenses.  General registration cost will be going for shuttle services, the cost of this web site, coffee, tea, snacks for break times, travel expenses for Art and Claudia, some professional recording time to put group vocals on the recordings Barbie Odom and Michael Ledner did at the end of last year proceeds of which will benifit an orphanage in Kenya.  We ask you to send the money to Milton Odom 38 E. 44th St. Tulsa OK 74105.  We are doing it this way because this web site charges upwards of 8% fee for all monies we run through them.  Any excess will be gifted by consensus.   The reason the cost is so low is because our church, Carbondale Assembly of God, has graciously gifted us the use of their kitchen and meeting facilities - this is a HUGE savings.
Note:  You can register as individuals or as a couple.  When you choose 2 (or more) in the "Number of guest attending" box an additional mini form shows up.


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