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Larry & Anne-Lydie Baggett
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Married 4

Anne-Lydie came to be a part of the Tzuba team in 1979-1980. It was her forth stay in Israel. I, Larry, was at Tzuba from 1977-1980 with Project Kibbutz. 

Anne-Lydie and I met in Tzuba and married in Jerusalem during the summer of 1980. We left Israel in 1981 and have returned thrice for a visit, the last time in 2016.

Together we have raised 4 children and 18 foster children (not all at the same time). We have lived most of our years together in Switzerland and moved to California at the end of 2016 to be closer to our son and his family.

One aspect I value about PK was diversity, different people coming together and working in concert as a team.

It is with much joy that we anticipate visiting with you at this special event and to celebrate together Gods goodness!

Larry & Anne-Lydie

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Betsy (Beth) Baltuth
retired teacher Single
I was on the first Nativ Halamed Hey team in the fall of 1977.  Then I went to Hulata on the first Hulata team.  After that I went to be a "metapellet" for Phil and Debbie Walker and their sons.  We were in Tiberias.  After about seven months I no laoger had a visa and so I left Israel.  So I got some training and then returned to Jerusalem and got a job teaching EFL in a Roman Catholic High School in Beit Hanina, just outside of Jerusalem.  I taught 3 school years.  I returned to the US in June of 1987.  The "intifada" closed my school in November of '87.  Stayed in States and after 8 and a half years doing office work I began taching ESL in public school until I retired in January 2015. Ihave been a "jack of all trades" at my church for many years, kids work, event planning, missions committee, cooking, cleaning, baby sitting, house sitting, singing,  We are a small fellowship so everyone wears many hats  A little achey and limited physically, but I had a GREAT YOUTH!  Cannot wait to see you all.   Send Betsy (Beth) a MessageSend Betsy (Beth) a Message
Neil & Dara Bartel
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We returned from Israel to live in Denver in 1983. Abigail was born in 1987.We adopted Luke in 1991, Ethan in 1997. Neil has been selling building materials all that time. Mostly Dara has been a homemaker but has also been the bookkeeper for the building material business for the past 13 years. Ministry-wise other than normal body life : Neil has been going with a church group to the Denver jail weekly for 20 yrs and Dara has been working with Community Bible Study for about 25 yrs. Our years of community and discipleship training in Israel have been foundational for us. It is nice to touch base with so many again after all these years :-) Send Neil & Dara a MessageSend Neil & Dara a Message
Helen Copperman (Beales)
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Library Assistant Single
After PK I
 lived briefly with Pauline Levins
​ (Gadot)​
 and Babs Price 
​(Dafna) ​
and we 
​ PK orientation​
 days. I
​ ​
 various admin jobs including a Christian holiday company and as courier
​, ​
an estate agent and with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), a UK aid charity. I married in 1995 and joined my British husband living in Lausanne, Switzerland, not far from Jacqueline Fleury (Hulata). Then we moved to Dublin, Ireland and after the millennium to 
​northern ​
Athens, Greece. 
​From there 
we went to Casablanca,
​ M​
 to 3 Chinese cities, 
​moving ​
north to south.  Throughout I 
guages, volunteered, coached English and was active in (mostly) expat churches. I wrote some short articles for a UK newspaper, 
​occasionally ​
proofread a 
 paper, worked 
​in ​the 
British Chamber of Commerce
​ Morocco
 and an American Christian school with 
 Korean students
​ (China)
. I have enjoyed the variety! I returned to the UK in 2014 and now work part time in 
​several ​
public libraries. I’ve settled in Bristol to be near family and have somewhere new to explore. I
​'ve picked up watercolour painting after a long gap
​​ I'm involved in two groups reaching overseas students, most of whom are Chinese.
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Becky Mohn (Blankenship)
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Married 8
Looking forward to seeing everyone! What beautiful stories we will share! I hope to see some of my Dafna peeps as well as everyone who shared the Israel experience. 
My husband and I have been married for 37 years and have 8 children. We have seen the faithfulness of the Lord and the beauty of his presence. My brother, myself and a few friends started Tuesday Night Publishing where we get to read fresh and innovative manuscripts from talented and creative writers. I also work full-time as the book clerk at GoodWill Industries here in Tulsa. Such a fun job! My husband is a psychologist and the executive director of a community mental health center. He is a strong advocate for mental health in Oklahoma. I'm done blah blah blah-ing about myself. Can't wait to hear about all of you!
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nick ciccone
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Builder Single
On Kibbutz Ge-var Am 1980 Send nick a MessageSend nick a Message
Ted and Pati Daniow
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Retired Married 2

Bravo to the initiators of the 40yr PK reunion and for all the work you’re doing to make it happen. This bio you’ve requested provokes us to some personal evaluation of the past decades.

For Pati and I, our stay with Project Project Kibbutz was extended from 2yrs, to 3 and a half, due to some unique and dramatic circumstances. Our memories of the time are richly distinct, with continued gratitude to great numbers of people who were there for us and without regret of the trials. The time of discipleship at PK has profoundly affected every area of our walk with God, our thinking, and interaction with people.

The earlier years after returning to Canada were a challenge for me in terms of career direction, but Pati, though still having some residual muscle weaknesses and medical concerns, confidently and without complications, gave birth to our 2 sons who are now 35 and 31. They have interesting wholesome lives but appear not to be heading toward marriage and turning us into grand parents any time soon. But this is allowing us more freedom toward giving time to other people, especially this millennial generation of youth, with whom we seem to have a growing amount of contact. Being 70 and 62, and myself recently retired as an employee of the City of Ottawa, we now pursue this purpose together, with greater intention. And, there are also people whom I still help with landscaping and gardening needs.

In our church lives over the years, we were involved in various ministries and leadership at different levels, as well as not; and even not being part of a church on occasion. Actually, it took some years after returning home for me to catch on to the teachings of PK. I was a late convert to discipleship and still learning to apply the principals that lead to Godly living and good leadership. Pati has always been consistent in prayer groups and Bible Studies, especially focused on intercession, healing and prison ministries, growing in diligence and stewardship of her time in all that she undertakes and with whom all she has contact. That probably has had more than some Influence on our sons, who are both pursuing careers as consultants in organizational and leadership development. She has over the years looked forward to the time she can give more of herself to her art and of late has been editing her activities more toward that purpose.

40” is the number for purging. In Tulsa, we will all show the affects of time in our bodies, but also the renewed nature of our inner being. We expect that this weekend together will not be merely to reminisce, but to become more diligent in the things we were taught and to move forward in «The Good Fight». We all come to celebrate what God has done and to seek the heart of His wisdom for what yet remains of the numbers of our days. Amen!!!

Ted and Pati


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Glen & Carole Egilson
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Married 2
We were part of PK from 1979-1984.  Siz amazing years.
We started at Gvaram, then went on to Kiryat Anavim and Yiftach. Our last stop was She'ar Yashuv. Those years in Isreal laid a foundation in our lives. By the time we returned to Canada, in addition to a deeper walk with the Father, we also received an impartation for reaching the nations.

From the moment we got back, God has fanned this flame, and we have been missions leaders in our church ever since. We have a joke. "You don't want to be our friend, because for sure, you will end up some place in the world that you never intended to go!"

Our passion is for unreached people groups, and it's what we talk about, pray about -- and mobilize for -- all the time. We long to see disciple-making movements spreading through the remaining UPG's -- and we give oursleves to sharing the vision -- and raising up the next generation for this.

While we will always hold the people of Israel dear to our hearts -- and continue to host huge Passover dinners these past three decades -- when we left Israel, God planted a deep love in our hearts for the Muslim world.  Today we work among the Muslim refugees that are flooding our city. They are the TREASURES that God has brought to us. We also are deeply invested in a particular Muslim minority group in China, and go there frequently.

We still enjoy speaking Hebrew -- while we are studying Mandarin and Arabic -- and dabbling in other langauges.  We work extensively with international students -- and lead this ministry at our church. What a joy to enfold thousands of these precious students into our spiritual community, and to empower the Church to love them. In the past 20 years we have seen so many come to Jesus.  Joy. Joy. Joy.

What a huge stepping stone -- those years in Israel with all of you!  And it was where we had our firstborn.  Now we have two daughters and four grandchildren.  Glen and I just celebrated our 43 wedding anniversary -- and we are move in love than ever.
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Brita McArthur (Gieryic)
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Labor Services Rep for NYS DOL Married 2
I was part of the 82-83 Dan team with Jim & Tammy. I grew so much as a person under their leadership and it started me on an amazing journey of Singles Ministries, Mom's & Women's Ministries and being on verious Worship teams.  In '87 I was blessed to go to Kenya and take part in ministry and discipleship with the Walkers and the Goodwins, learning and growing in the Lord! I was married a few months after turning 40 to a dear man I met at my 20th high school reunion and so entered in a new phase of life - learning to live as part of a different kin d of team. My son was born shortly before I turned 42 and so this crazy flip flop of life had me changing diapers when most people are sending their offspring to college! I also have a lovely step-daughter who I was priveleged to meet when she was 6. I have lived in Texas and now am near Albany, NY where we are part of a wonderful church and have been involved in so many different aspects of ministry, from music to fellowship and also to missions in Nicaragua where we have a partnership with the lovely community of El Castillo. I am looking forward to re-connecting with PK friends.
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Myron Goodwin
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Missions/Adult Equipping Pastor Married 4
I first came to Project Kibbutz in 1977 after graduating from Oral Roberts University. I was on the 77-78 team at Kiryat Anavim.

Carol and I were married in 1980. In 1981 we returned to Israel on a one-way ticket. We were team leaders at Kiryat Anavim (81-82). We left the team early to move north to Kibbutz Dafna to help coordinate the 6-week orientation program. We arrived on Thursday, June 5, the day before the 1982 war started, the Peace for Galilee operation. We were on staff 
Dafna, and then moved to Moshav She’ar Yashuv when Carol was pregnant with our first son, Benjamin, who was born in 1984 in Poria, above Tiberius. In 1985 we were deported from Israel along with 11 other staff members. We spent several weeks in Parbold, England, before moving to Scotland where we coordinated two more six-week orientations at Fagra Mill, just outside the small village of Dundrennan. 

In 1986, after the last orientation and deregistering Project Kibbutz as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Carol and I joined Phil and Debbie Walker and together moved to Kitale, Kenya, where we cofounded International Christian Ministries (ICM) as an NGO with a mission to serve the church by 
discipling and equipping her leaders.

After working myself out of a job in 1998, Carolyn I returned to Franklin Tennessee where I served first as the executive pastor of Belmont church in downtown Nashville. In 2006 I left to work full-time as the executive director of ICM. In 2010 joined the pastoral team at Grace Chapel in 
Fork where I continue to serve as the missions and adult equipping pastor. 

Carol and I have four grown children, the last three were born in Kenya. We have four grandchildren and are enjoying living the dream in this season of life where we have the privilege of helping equip people to become passionate servants of Jesus Christ. It was in Project Kibbutz that the foundation in discipleship, hearing the Lord's voice, and pursuing an intimate walk with the Lord Jesus was laid, for which we will always be eternally grateful. 
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Kevin Graham
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Insurance Claims Married 3
I went to Israel in the summer of 1982, after orientation on Dafna, I was on Kibbutz Hagoshrim with team leaders Paul Meyerend and Joy Bignall in '82-'83.  I was then on Kibbutz Dan with Team Leaders Kay Velker and Phillipe Von Orelli in '83-'84.  When I returned to the States in 1984 I attended Christ for the Nations Institute from '84 to '86 where I met my wife Maino and we married in 1986.  We have three children; Naomi, Hannah, and Joel.  We have been involved in church ministry over the years and in 1999 I completed my degree in Church Ministries at Southwestern Assemblies of God University.  I am involved on our church worship team, teaching sunday school, and facilitating our men's ministry. Send Kevin a MessageSend Kevin a Message
Mary Beth Foley (Green)
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Business owner/ hair stylist Married 4
Allan & I through PK, Dafna, then Kiryat Anavim. 81-83. We moved to Tulsa after getting married  1983. We were drawn to a church here Tulsa  Chuck Farrah was a pastor/elder. In the tradition of many PKers had four children. We have two grandchildren. Consider the year & a half the  most challenging, formative influence in my life. Oh, wait that is beside having for children. Can’t wait to recnnect with ya’ll, this coming from a Bostonian turned Okie. Send Mary Beth a MessageSend Mary Beth a Message
Bob Grimesey
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School Superintendent Married 3
One year (1979-80) devoted to God and His purpose on Kibbutz Gadot.  One year of service to Israel and its people.  One year of discipleship and fellowship with many extra-ordinary people.  One year of trial, brokenness, redemption, healing, edification, enlightenment and new purpose.  One year that continues to mark the demarcation between what I had been and what I needed to become.  While my contact with so many outstanding PKers has been very limited, I remain indebted to Art, Claudia, G.K., Diana, Barbara Livingston and other members of our team, and to my Kibbutz family.  During that single year, God gifted me with my life verse, Hebrews 11:1, and He has been faithful to use it to guide me through the many challenges and triumphs of life.  Since 1980: 36 years of marriage to a beautiful and devoted woman of God; a son who wears two bronze stars and a purple heart from his service to our nation; two beautiful daughters, one of whom will deliver our first grandbaby in September; the loss of my youngest brother to cancer; the sudden loss of my dear brother-in-Christ, Ricky Blackwell, to a heart attack; and 34 years as a public educator with 17 of those as a school district superintendent.  Through it all, “faith has been the substance of all of my hope and the evidence of that which I have been unable to see.”  Send Bob a MessageSend Bob a Message
RosaLee Smithers (Hagstrom)
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Teacher Married 6
I was 17 years old in June of 1980 when I got on a plane (my first plane ride ever) and headed off on the adventure called Project Kibbutz.  I lived on Kibbutz Hutlaa and it was an amazing experience for me and I loved everything about it.  I was homesick quite a bit and it was very hard as it was a time before e-mail when I only talked to family two times that year.  I got lots of packages from family and friends which made me happy and everyone else sad. Most memorable was my time in the shoe factory as I spent most of my time there.  I loved to race the clock and I think I impressed my supervisors with my speed, so they wanted to keep me in the factory.  I did get some time in the grapefruit orchard and the children's houses.  I treasure the relationships I had that year and hope to see some of you at the reunion.

I came home to start college and met my husband at my job at a photo studio.  We married in 1983 and have six kids, three birth and three adopted.  We have had quite the wonderful life and hope to have many more years together.  We are both teachers and my husband, Dann, retired in June. We already have 7 grandkids, so that is lots of fun to look forward to.  We love to travel and hope to own a cabin in the woods someday!
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Colleen O'Connor (Hedman)
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Married 1
I was part of Project Kibbutz from 1980-1983. During that time I was on Kibbutz Dafna,
HaGoShrim, and the Lebanon Team.

Israel and Project Kibbutz were a turning point in my walk with the Lord.  I am enternally grateful for the leadership of Art & Claudia, The Walkers, The Smiths, Barbie & Craig, The Hinders, John Bailey, and all my precious teammates, for three life-changing years of discipleship, friendship, and fond memories. 

Project Kibbutz also brought me together with my husband, Mark Hedman (Gadot 79-80, Dafna 80-81, & HaGoShrim 81-82). We were together on the first Dafna team and leaders on HaGoshrim.  After Mark left Israel in 1982 we corresponded by mail and our relationship  blossomed. The Lord brought us together in marriage in 1984.

Mark worked as a Federal Agent for 20+ years.  We were transferred several times.  When Mark retired, we moved to NY State to be near our son & daughter-in-law, and now precious grandson. Throughout our journey, the Lord has been faithful even when we lacked faithfulness.  We have been blessed to be part of wonderful Churches and ministries along the way.

With our last move came a 49-acre farm in Western NY.  Aside from the hard work, the farm is a bit of heaven on earth.  Daily we enjoy the beauty of God's creation and the majesty of His nature.  God blessed us with a beautiful Sugar Bush (Maple Forest) for Maple Syrup , honey from sweet bees,  eggs from comical hens, and hay for D-I-L's horses.

Mark is our Maple producer and general Mr. fix-it/go-to-guy. Besides the farm, I work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students and am part of the Deaf ministry and worship at Church.

Looking forward to the reunion, and renewing old friendship and making new ones.

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Mark Hile
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Clinical Physics Asst. Married 2
My legacy moment.
I want to give you a quick overview of my life that hopefully will help you to understand how God has worked in my life and to help you to understand what I want to convey to you today.
My parents met and married while in college in Birmingham, AL where I was born, then after college my father went to seminary in Louisville, KY. After seminary he was the pastor of his first Church in Long Island, NY.
The key part here when I was growing up, was my identity and how others viewed me. During this time I became known as Ernie’s son, not Mark Hile. I was the “Pastor’s son,” or a “Preachers Kid” not Mark.  Many times I was held to a higher standard, not just a kid or person in my own right. We moved a lot and so I went to different schools and my natural inclination is to be shy and reserved, so I did not develop many friendships. Came to the know the Lord when I was about 12, but really committed my self to Him when I was 17. Found out about Project Kibbutz from Lance Lambert, and went to the training time in Florida in the summer of 1980 when I was 19 and then to Israel to Kibbutz Tzuba in Sept 1980 through Sept 1981. A hard but good year, I enjoyed traveling around the country and being with everyone. Went home and worked for a while and then went back to Israel to help take care of Lance Lambert’s home in Jerusalem in Jan 1983 to Oct 1983. Again hard time but met lot of people. Came home again worked for a while and then moved with my parents to Dothan, AL. It was during this time that I met my wife at a Family Conference in Richmond, VA in June of 1987 we were married by Dec of that year. She was living in Memphis, TN and so I moved there while we were engaged, and that is where our first daughter Joanna was born in 1989. Shortly after her birth we moved to Richmond, VA and a few years later our other daughter, Olivia was born in 1995. I was working at different jobs during this time. But during this time we were going to a Church where everyone knew my father and he would come and speak from time to time and so I was still “Ernie’s son” and not Mark. Sometimes people would just walk up to me and say “How is Ernie?” and not even say “Hello Mark, how are you? Just, “How is Ernie?” They just seemed to ignore who I was and how was I doing and make no effort to try to get to know me. Many years go by and it was during this time that my wife and I have a rough time in our marriage, but we worked through it and are doing well today. Eventually we leave that Church for multiple reasons and for a while we are not going any where, just taking a break.  We eventually start looking for a place to go and find a small Church out in the country. It is during this time that the Lord is dealing with the baggage of the things we had accumulated in our lives. When we went to other churches no one knew who my father was so we were no longer Ernie’s son and daughter in law, we were just Mark and Anita Hile. It was also during this time my oldest daughter’s friends invited her to go and join this group that taught teenagers etiquette and Ballroom Dancing. Because there were always more young ladies that signed up than young guys, and to help increase the guy to girl ratio, this group would give you a finical break if the father’s attended, in order to encourage the fathers to come as well. I chose to go, so that my daughter could do this with her friends, this was a turning point. It was through this time of learning to Ballroom dance that I was able to learn how to talk to people that I did not know and how to try and carry on a conversation and learn how to survive in uncomfortable situations. This enabled me to blossom as myself and to come into my own sense of who I was. But what it really was, was who God made me to be, because no one knew I was “Ernie’s son” I was just Mark Hile. Shortly after this my wife and I got into volunteering our time in politics. I am not going to go into great detail, but again it was an area of my life where I was known as Mark Hile and not Ernie’s son. Over time we had an impact and we have made a different in the political circles in Virginia.
Our Identity.
Have you noticed on social media that a lot of people get their picture taken with people that have a certain level of notoriety or they are famous and then post them for all to see? Why do so many of us do this? As if it makes us important and famous to stand next to someone you have never met and more than likely will never see again and just because you have this picture with them, it seems to say, I am somebody important too! But now to my point, who are we, what is our identity? Are you so and so son or daughter, or do we identify with what we do for a living, or do we work for a big company, or did we help to get someone elected to office and then those things makes us someone? I have lots of so called self’es of my self taken with political figures, but most of them don’t know me or know my name, much less do they actually know who I am as a person. So recently someone pointed out that many of us do take self’es and post them as to say I am somebody important because I have a picture with this famous person. That hit me, that I sometimes was doing that and so I stopped, or I should say I stopped posting them on Facebook, so as to say to everyone else, I am somebody because I had a picture taken with someone of notoriety. I still like having a picture of having met them.
Do you have a selfiey with Jesus and if you did have one, would you post it for all to see? And what does that say about you? Do you know Jesus, or is this just one of those pictures with an important person that doesn’t know you? What is your identity? As Christians, who are we, are we slaves or heirs? Are we not bought with a price? For what, just to be called His? Was that just for us to be free, or was there a greater purpose?
In Gal 4:7 it says, “Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.” And in Rom 8:16 it says, “The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs – heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.”
Another way of trying to explain what I want to convey to you is to compare this to a family business. Let’s say you were born into a family that had some sort of business and when you grow up you become an employee or a part owner of the family business? When you were young, do you start out as a helper or as a Chief Executive officer of the company? You would normally start out with doing minor things and over time you learn different parts of the business and grow into being able to take on more and more responsibilities.  What comes with more responsibilities, the ability to make decisions on behalf of the family business, correct? At some point in your growing up in the company your mind set changes, and you no longer consider yourself an employee of the company but one of the executive officer of the company? Sometimes it might be both if the business is small enough, it might be your responsibility to sweep the floors, take out the trash and clean the bathrooms on a regular basis as well as doing other duties.
Here is my point, take a moment and consider, “How do you view yourself in the Kingdom of God?”
In the story of the prodigal son, when the older son comes to the father and is complaining about it not being fair, in Luke 15:31 it says “And he said to him, ‘Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours.” Did the older son realize he was an heir or did he just think of himself as a servant? How did his perspective affect his thinking and how he acted and his long term view of his life?
Also in Gal 4:7 it says, “Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.” How do we think of ourselves? How do we act and do we have the power and authority responsibility of an heir or executive? Now I am referring to how do we view ourselves and how do we act and what authority do we have in the Kingdom of God. How do you view yourself as a slave or an heir to the Throne of God? I am suggesting that we can be both. We can be a slave to God in His presence and be an heir and representative, an owner of the family business, when we are doing business for the Kingdom of God.
Back to the family business example, how does your competition view you, as someone that just cleans the offices or someone that can make on the spot decision on behalf of the company? Do you remember the incident in the book of Acts where some Jews were trying to cast out demons in Jesus’ name but they themselves were not saved? In Acts 19:15 it says, “And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?” Because they were not saved they had no authority in the Kingdom of God and therefore the demons did not obey them. Does Satan know who you are? Where does your power and authority come from and do you even use it and how do you use it? In the spiritual realm are you an employee or an heir? Do you have a selfie with Jesus to pull out to show him, to say I am someone important? Do you think that would work with him? Or do you act like you have the authority of Christ when you are dealing with “powers and principalities in the spiritual realm?” Or are you just a slave or an emplyee with no authority or power to do anything for the Kingdom of God?
In Ephesians 6 where it talks about putting on the whole armor of God and it says in verse 10, “Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.” And then it goes on to describe how we as believers should put on and use the whole armor of God to fight principalities and powers in the unseen realm. How many of us just put on our armor and stay at home and do not get involved in the battle. Please don’t misinterpret what I am trying to say here, I know that there definitely is a time and place as intercessory prayer warriors to do battle in the spiritual realm. But do we think of ourselves as having on the whole armor of God with the authority and power of the Kingdom of God and then go out into the world and make a difference in battle there in people’s lives? I think, far to many of us just put on the armor of God and sit at home in our recliners and claim that we are fighting the battle, while many times the real battle is going on outside of our homes and outside the groups that we meet with. But many of us are just all safe, hold up at home, or in our comfortable groups, and not out engaging in the war in the world for people’s lives to make a difference.
Now I don’t want anyone to think that I have this all mastered and figured out and I am perfect at it and I can fully walk in who I am in Christ. I am just trying to change our perspective of who we actually are, an heir in the Kingdom of God! So as an heir, a person with authority, a person to be able to make decisions in the Kingdom of God by the power and leading of the Holy Spirit we can make a difference in people’s lives. But it all starts with who we are in Christ, our position as an heir, do we view ourselves that way? Who are we representing and whose power do we have? Do we fall for the lies of the enemy that says we are nobody? I want us to come into the fullness of who God wants us to be as a Child of God and in the business of the Kingdom of God. Are you an ambassador of the Kingdom of God with all the authority and power that goes with that position? Are we warriors for the Kingdom of God with the whole armor of God to work with? Or, are we just a slave to this world’s power with no authority to do anything but to keep our areas clean and maintain your small area of responsibility?
We all have heard the words, but do you know in yourself and have the confidence within you to know, “you were bought with a price,” Jesus’ life paid for our sins and “by His stripes we are healed,” and “by His resurrection” we are heirs to the Throne of the Kingdom of God and therefore we have the power and authority that goes with that, by the leading of the Holy Spirit? Do you know that and do you have that confidence as an heir in the Kingdom of God? Do you act that way? Does Satan know who you are? Are you a slave to this world or an heir in the Kingdom of God?
What is your identity? Are you an employee or an Heir?

My time in Israel and afterwards.

Was on Kibbutz Tzuba from Sept 1980 to Sept 1981.
After leaving PK in Sept 1981 I went home to Long Island, NY and worked for a while, then had the opportunity to go and help at Lance Lambert home in Jerusalem for 9 months from Jan – Oct 1983. After that I went back home and worked for a while then moved to Alabama and lived there for a while. Met my wife Anita at a Family Conference in Richmond VA in 1987 we got married that year and we were living in Memphis, TN and had our first daughter in 1989 there. Moved to Richmond, VA soon after that and have been here ever since. Our second daughter was born in 1995. Both daughters are now married and we have our first grandson just last year.
Since living in Israel twice and I have always been a friend to Israel even though I have never been back, I would love to go though. Between my two times in Israel it has taught me lots of things, here are some of them. Stick it out and trust God is working things out even if we don’t see the end of the current situation in sight. God’s people are not perfect, we all have issues, but with His help and word we can continue. Glad He doesn’t give up on us, like we give up on others.
My wife and I have been involved in a few different Church groups over the years and we currently are a part of a small home group and love it.
Hope to see those that I know at the PK Reunion and get to know some others that I have never met.
Thanks to all those helping put this together.
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Jennifer Hinders
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part-time freelance writer Married 6
1977-78 -Jennifer at Netiv Ha Lamed Hey                          
1978-81 -David at Kibbutz Gvar Am
1980-81-Jennifer at Kibbutz Tzuba
1981-82- Jennifer and David at Kibbutz Dan
1982-84 Jennifer and David in Lebanon 
1984-85 Moshav Shar Yashuv
1985 (May to August )England/Scotland at PK orientation site 

After leaving England/Scotland in 1985, we settled in the Washington DC area. We've lived in Fairfax, Va. for the past twenty years. David was a commerical realestate agent for seven years and then a pastor  for twenty-three years.  I homeschooled our six kids and worked as an elementary school instructional assistant.

David currently works in DC. I'm a part-time freelance writer and part-time nanny for one grandson.

We're grateful for this reunion opportunity to get the chance to connect with old friends and worship God together. 
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Marc Horner
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Profile picture
This was us Marc and Susan, see photo, a million years ago. We were on Kiriat Anavim and Hulata. What a blessed and difficult time it was. My best descriptor was bittersweet with the emphasis on sweet. You were all such a blessing to us. It has proved to be a lifelong watershed, source of blessing and growth. We would not trade it for anything. After Israel, we spent our years loving and worshiping an amazing and worthy God, who blessed us with two wonderful daughters (took after Susan). I wish you could meet them someday. I worked in the transportation departments of local school districts and retired a couple of years ago. Susan was a homemaker, homeschooled our daughters, and published a book on adoption with Baker/Revel and a three-book series on the miracle of creation with Moody Press. We were married 39 years when Susan went home to arms of her Savior and King and Joy unspeakable after 4 and half very long years with several kinds of cancer and heart ailments about two years ago. Our God is so good!
While volunteering for a year at a YMCA in Colorado, I met Bonnie McArthur on the last day of her volunteer commitment. She had lost her husband of 40 years to early onset Alzheimer’s. We spent half a day together sharing about our experiences, faith in God and His goodness. We corresponded, talked on the phone and grew closer. To make a short story even shorter, we married in May, 2018 and live in Mattoon IL. How good is our King, for such an ordinary guy to have fallen in love twice and married an amazing and godly woman each time (talk about unmerited favor).
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Stephen and Laura Katz
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Missionary Married 4
Laura and I were on Kiryat Anavim, 1980-81, which was my (Stephen's) second time in Israel. I have since been to Israel between 45-50 times and my Hebrew is very conversational at this point.

When we returned from PK, Stephen got his MSW and worked in Chicago as a social worker until 1989, when he joined the staff of Jews for Jesus as a missionary. During the years since then he has served in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, and oversaw the ministry's work in Israel for 10 years. He is still involved in the work there. Laura was a stay-at-home mom, pouring herself into our kids and being the bedrock of our home since I traveled a lot. She is a gift from God to us all.

We have four grown kids who all walk with the Lord. In addition, we have four little grandsons, ages 5 to 6 months old.

We consider our time in PK to have been pivotal in our own faith. We learned how to seek God's voice, to pursue right relationships with others and to teach the same. We are SO thankful that God brought us and taught us!
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Steven Kennedy
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Retired teacher Married 2
I was on Kibbutz Dafna under the leadership of Rick Griffiths and Francis Colbourne in 1981-82. We had a fabulous life transforming year and I grew much in the things of Christ. I taught in British education for many years and am now a missionary to several countries in Africa and Europe. I am happily married to my wife Dawn. Send Steven a MessageSend Steven a Message
Dianne LaScotte
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My first kibbutz volunteer experience was on Yiftah before it was part of the PK kibbutzim.
Nancy (Hummel) O'Brien, Colleen (O'Connor) Hedman, and I spent the summer of '79 there. I returned as a volunteer with PK to Dafna '80-'81 and again to Dafna the summer of '84.

Since that time, I have been back to Israel only once--in 2014 on pilgrimage with some family members. The tour bus pulled into Dafna long enough for me to discover that the dining room had become a chocolate museum.

I spent 40 years in the classroom and am enjoying the gift of time.

I am looking forward to the reunion in August.
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Michael Ledner
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Pastor./Farmer Married 2
Sept 1980-Sept 1981: served on Kibbutz Tzuba
Sept 1981-Dec 1981: served on Kibbutz Dafna
1984-1987 Toured with JFJ's group The Liberated Wailing Wall
1987 married the girl of my dreams, Lylah; we have 2 dear daughters and 7 
     delightful grandkids.
1989-1993 Attended Multnomah University; Portland, OR
1995 - present, Pastor of a home church in Scottsdale, AZ
2010-present - doing farming on a small 3 acre farm in Scottsdale, AZ. 
Still writing music.
Growing in love for Jesus and people - the latter bringing me to my knees more : )  

Looking forward to a time of worshipping before the throne and  the glorious encouragement of His precious ones, and food...don't forget food - food is good. Passage I think is relevant to our upcoming time together:

The LORD your God in the midst of you is mighty; he will save, He will rejoice over you with joy; He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17) I mean, after all, we were created for His, what's not to delight in?

P.S. If you like C.S. Lewis and have never read his lecture (9 pages) "The Weight Of Glory", I invite you to read it before coming to the reunion - I would love hearing your thoughts on, what I consider, Lewis' most impacting lecture. Frankly, whenever I read it, I feel transported into glory, but when I return, there's no one to share the experience with. You can read it online by cutting and pasting this link:
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Ka Marsh (Lenard)
retired teacher Widowed
I joined PK in summer of 1980, completing 6 weeks of Orientation at Dunklin Memorial Camp in South Florida (not much culture shock since I am a native Floridian...).  In early September of the same year, I flew to Israel with all of the other "newbes".  I was assigned to Kibbutz Hulata with team leaders Marc and Susan Horner.  That year was life-changing for me both emotionally and spiritually.  After several months visiting in the States, I returned to Israel and Kibbutz Dafna in December of 1981 and was part of the Hishtalmut team for all of 1982.  In the fall of 1983 I joined Youth With A Mission in Arkansas and served with them for the next 4 years, doing some short-term outreaches in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico.  I then moved to South Florida and earned a degree in Special Education.  I taught children with special needs for 23 years.  In 2000, I married a special Christian man, Greg Lenard.  We were married for 9 years when he passed away from effectx of multiple sclerosis.  I am now retired from teaching but have continued to be involved in my local church (Westside Baptist) and volunteer at the hospital, school, and GraceWay Village (a local nonprofit organization that helps families in poverty "get ahead".  In 2017, I re-ignited my heart for missions by doing two mission trips (to Haiti and El Salvador).  I am so excited to have this opportunity to "re-connect" with as many from PK as possible and find out what'God has done in your lives.  He certainly has been at work with me.:) Send Ka a MessageSend Ka a Message
Pauline Levins
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Gadot Dafna  Lebanon Dafna  Hulata 79-84.
in Uk end 81-October 82.
Taught before Israel and in between: Mathematics and then TEFL
Have been in Social Work since 1985 mostly in child protection adoption and management but also in domestic abuse development work and consultancy. I currently manage a fabulously gifted group of professionals  across the west of Ireland addressing abuse issues with vulnerable adults. No sign of early retirement here, two teenage (well not far off) children adopted inter country. 
We have travelled a good deal and  love meeting up with the PK family.
so grateful for the years in Israel, the voice of the Lord, the worship, learning to pray, community, training in leadership and management in the midst of conflict. What an opportunity to have been blessed with at such an early stage in life.
It has not been straighforward fitting into church with the challenges and difference I have experienced professionally and personally on this journey, the Lord is however faithful in all his promises ! All three of us  are coming to the reunion and I am so looking forward to reconnecting as well as meeting new friends!
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Robert and Vickie (McDonough)
Software developer (Robert) & fiction writer (Vickie) Married 4
Robert and I were part of the first Project Kibbutz team that lived on Kiryat Avanim. (1976-77) I had several jobs there, mainly working in the guesthouse and then with the children. Robert worked in the orchard,  guesthouse, and factory. We celebrated our first anniversary in Jerusalem at a steakhouse. I can't tell you what I ate, but I can remember being disappointed that my drink only had one ice cube in it.

Robert has worked in computers for over 30 years. He's a Dynamic AX software developer. He's also been involved in various ministries like the Jesus Inn. We both worked in Bible Bowl with the kids at Tulsa Christian Fellowship for many years. Now we attend Carbondale and are working with the younger children in Junior Bible Quiz.

God led me to start writing Christian fiction in 2001. Took me totally by surprise since I hated writing when I was in school. I've written nearly 50 books and novellas. To me, it is a ministry. Some people will never step inside a church, but the might pick up a book in a library or thrift shop, and just maybe that book will lead them to the Lord. 

Robert and I have been married 43 years and live in Tulsa. We have four grown sons and a twelve-year-old granddaughter. 

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Teddi Mitchell
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Aaron Newcomb
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Development Director; Engedi Refuge Ministries Married 4
In P.K. I did my first year at Sde Nehemiah in 1982 - 83, leadership training at Dafna in'83, and a year as team leader with June Walsh in '83 - '84.  It was a wonderful, life changing experience.
Lea and I married in Tulsa, OK in 1985.  We had 26 incredible years in Tulsa raising our four kids.  I worked in construction.  Lea and I both served the local church in various capacities.  As Lea wrote, we moved to the Northwest in 2011 and founded a special program for sex trafficking victims.  Every day is a gift, and a privilege to  serve others through the grace of Christ.
I look forward to seeing you all again.
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Lea Livingston (Newcomb)
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Profile picture
Executive Director of Non-Profit Married 4
Aaron and I have been married 32 years.  We met while both on PK teams, he the leader at Gonen and I the leader at Sede Nehemiah.  In my three years on PK teams, I lived on Gadot, Hagoshrim, Dafna and Sede.  Currently we are living in Washington state, where we co-founded a non profit called Engedi Refuge Ministires, which is a restoration ministry for victims of sex trafficking and prostitution.  We have been involved in anti-human trafficking efforts since 2007.  We opened our safe house in March of 2013 and have been going strong ever since.  Our oldest daughter lives near us in Bellingham, our next two daughters live in Oregon, and our son lives in Tulsa.  We have one grandchild. Send Lea a MessageSend Lea a Message
Barbie Livingston (Odom)
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Profile picture
Teacher and Chaplain Married 6
I have been a stay at home mom, a teacher of Biblical Hebrew, and a Hospice Chaplain. Currently teaching with DAI (a masters in Organizational Leadership) and DML--Discipling Market Place Leaders. I love to read, make quilts and garden.  Send Barbie a MessageSend Barbie a Message
Milton Odom
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Profile picture
Manufacturing & Sales Married 6
1977/8 on Tsuba then Nativ Ha Lamed Hey then '79 on Gvar Am, 80 w/Carlsons, 81/2 Dafna, Barbie and I married on Dafna in Israel in 1982 - moved to Tulsa in 1984 - had 6 kids - Worked in construction - youth pastors for 7 years - 1993 Joined YWAM for 3 1/2 years in Richmond VA and made several trips back to Israel with YWAM - Back to Tulsa in 1997 - Again youth pastors for 7 years - continued working in construction - 2014 started Ft. Knox Locks.  4 of our 6 kids are married and we currently have 10 grandchildren.  Fun fact - I met one of my current son in law's my first year in israel a full year before I even met Barbie!  Our oldest daughter Brandi married Phil & Debbie Walker's youngest son Daniel and we share 5 grandchildren with Phil & Debbie. Send Milton a MessageSend Milton a Message
Carlos Otero
Pastor Married 3
I went to Israel to serve with Project Kibbutz the summer of 1979 after I graduated from Asbury College (now University), where Esther and I had met and began dating. Esther had one more year to graduate. She spent that summer with her missionary parents in the Philippines where she was born and raised, then joined me for a few days in New Jersey before I flew to Israel. The day before the flight, I asked her to marry me and she said yes! That began a year of long-distance engagement. I was assigned to the team on Kibbutz Gadot in the Upper Galilee on the Jordan River. I worked in the grapefruit orchard at first, then moved to the kitchen after a few months, where I stayed the rest the year. The following summer Esther also graduated from Asbury and was allowed to come and join the team on Kibbutz Hulata for the rest of the summer. It was a wonderful shared experience that has stayed with us throughout our married lives.
We traveled back to the US through Europe and England, staying mostly with people we had met while in Israel, including PKers. We lived in south Florida for a year, where I worked as a Youth Director at a United Methodist Church. We were married in December of 1980, with two PKers (Bob Grimesy and Jeff Service) as part of the wedding party. The next fall we moved to Massachusetts where I attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. A year later Esther enrolled at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston in there MSN program. After five years, with our Masters degrees in hand, we returned to Florida (after a short visit to the Philippines), where I pursued  ordination in the UMC, and Esther began her nursing career. Two daughthers later we were commisoned as missionaries with the UMC and sent to Sofia, Bulgaria were we served for 3 years (1994-1996) helping to reestablish Methodism there after over 40 years of communist persecution. Since retuning to Florida we have served a number of UM churches in both north and south Florida and Esther has worked in various hospitals as a Mother-Baby Nurse. I am currently the pastor of First UMC of Lake City, Florida, about 40 miles north of Gainseville. We have three children and one grandchild: Stefanie Rogers (30), who is married to Steve and is the mother of  Oliver ( 20 months). She is a Nurse Practitioner in West Palm Beach;  Emily Otero (28), who is a 1st grade teacher, also in WPB; and David Otero (20, born after Bulgaria) who currently lives with us and plans to enroll as Junior at either FSU or UF in 2019. 
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Sharona Carlson (Pong)
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Married 3
What a blessing to have been raised among so many wonderful young believers!  Our family moved to California from Israel (the first time) when I was 13 years old.  After just one year of homeschooling in English (thank you Jennifer Hinders and Moe Smith!) I began attending public schools in the States, graduating in High Point, NC where dad was a pastor. 
After graduating from high school, I spent 6 months on a PK team at Hulata (1989-90).  Sensing I was home, I moved to Jerusalem and attended the Hebrew University for one year before beginning work at a travel agency there.  In 1997 I was blessed to attend a Discipleship Training School (YWAM) in Lausanne, Switzerland. 
After returning to my travel agency job for a couple more years, I realized that I needed to further my education and moved back to the States in 2000.  I got to live with David and Jennifer Hinders for 6 months while earning a living wage (which enabled me to pay off debt resulting from living in Israel: high cost of living + low wage = debt).  I then moved in with my parents in Bakersfield, CA while working toward a B.S. in Accounting and Finance.
While getting my degree I worked as an administrative assistant at ICM for Phil Walker.  That is where I met Will Pong in 2002.  He had met Phil in Portland, OR years earlier.  Will used vacation time from his engineering job to go on several trips to Africa with ICM.  Will felt called to leave his job and join ICM during my college years.  We met and instantly clicked.  We married in 2004.
Joshua was born 3 years later.  When he was a toddler and I was pregnant, we moved to Jerusalem.  Our daughter Liana (Hebrew for "God answered me") was born in 2009.  She struggled for 4 1/2 months with complications related to Downs Syndrome, resulting in her death.  We buried her at the Alliance Cemetery in Jerusalem (where Phil Berg, Derek Prince and other Christians are buried).  Our connection with the Narkis Street Congregation friends, particularly Pastors Chuck and Liz Kopp, was an essential element to our survival during this time.  Will was on the speaking team at Narkis, and continues to share messages at our church now in Tehachapi, CA.
I struggled for 3 years with depression after Liana went Home.  Then the Lord lifted it.  In the midst of my struggle our beautiful, healthy daughter Adine was born.  We named her "gentle" to remind us how God had dealt with us during our difficulty.  Both of our surviving children are a joy!
After 4 years in Israel, we moved back to California in 2012 to be closer to family and continue healing (we live just an hour away from the Carlson clan).
Will works as a Mechanical Engineer in aerospace, and I am entering my 3rd year of homeschooling our kids (3rd and 6th grade).
Will and I work together to bring up our children to serve the Lord, and develop their relationship with our Sovereign Lord, Creator of all.
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Laurie Currie (Proia)
retired:) teacher & Mom 4
The LORD has redeemed so much of the "crash & burn" of my life, and His faithfulness & mercy continue to do so! I'm blessed with four "20-something" children in various stages of college/work and still hope to see each in missions in some capacity!

I worked as an ESL/Sp. Ed. teacher for ten years until He retired me to part-time tutoring. Thankfully, I'm done with that now & help at a local "prayer house" with concerns for Israel & the USA. I had the blessing of visiting Kibbutz Tzuba several weeks ago as I 
returned from a ministry that helps displaced Syrian refugees in the extreme North of Israel(a prayer request all its own, as the situation there worsens!!) 

May the Lord surprise you & your kibbutz "families" with a visit sometime soon! 
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Tommy Santo
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Profile picture
Principal Married 3
Joining the Carlsons in 1977 was one of the best decisions of my life. I will be forever grateful for Art and Claudia's love, support, and guidance. From Jerusalem, I spent one year at the Sisterhood of Mary, Germany. Opportunities continued with PK in Kenya, Lebanon, and Romania.  For 18 years I was employed as a special education teacher in a public school setting. Summer months included volunteer services and ministries internationally. I have been an elementary school principal since 2000. God sent my wonderful wife to New Jersey from Sydney 27 years ago. Allie and I have three children, Tommy, Sophia, and Giancarlo. God is good!

Legacy Moment - a tribute to Claudia and Art 

On the way to the airport at 6.15 in the morning, I noticed my daughter’s telephone cord plugged into the recharge socket to the right of the driver's seat. Casually I asked her if I could borrow her telephone cord. With a puzzled look on her face, she said, where’s yours. I replied I think I left it next to my bed. Can I borrow your phone too? Suddenly a rush of emotions surged through Sophia’s body.  She blurted out, Are you kidding me? You left your cell phone at the house. Really? Dad, how could you forget your cell phone? What are you going to do? I shrugged my shoulders, thinking this was no big deal. Little did I know that in her mind this was a major crisis. Sophia went into panic mode. Holding her cell phone to her ear she listened intently as she dialed my number. There was no ring, no buzz, nothing. Sophia, I said, look we don’t have time to return home. She rolled her eyes at me. I smiled. Next, she twisted herself somehow, over the front and back seats and made her way to the back storage area of the car. In my mind, I mused, are you kidding me? There she searched through my briefcase and to her dismay she was left empty-handed. Rambling on about how important it is to have a cell phone and stay connected to the world she made her way to the back seat of the car where she remained. I smirked and smiled and said, You know, Sophia, in 1977 when I was in Israel there were no cell phones, internet, nor connectivity. She quickly replied It’s not 1977. The world needs you to be connected. The world needs me to be connected? I chuckled, I’m finally free!  Who needs a cell phone when we can have a direct line to Jesus! And of course, I couldn’t resist by adding, just image Sophia if your friends and you were disconnected from cyberspace for a few days and you used that time to connect to God. Do you think that would make a difference in your lives? Peeking in the rear view mirror there was not much of a reaction, actually no response, a bit of silence, until after a few seconds later when she said when I get home I’ll be talking to Mom and we will be expressing your cell phone to you today. You’ll have it tomorrow.

Well, in 1977 we didn’t have I
nboxes, internet or Instagram. There was no such thing as firewalls, Myspace or Facetime, we weren’t connected to the cloud and weren’t concerned about being on Facebook or online. One factor that we had in common though, was the importance of human relationships. We understood that significant learning only takes place within significant relationships. And relationship building takes time. And although a sacrifice, time used wisely multiplies supernaturally like fishes and loaves.

My time with the Carlsons began during my final days at Oral Roberts University.  It was there that I had a conversation with Dr. Wanda Hartman, Special Education chair. Dr. Hartman contacted me prior to graduation and asked me to pray about a service opportunity with the Carlson family. As an education major, she wanted me to consider supporting the family and their ministry in Israel. Yet, Israel was not on my radar. Employment as a teacher was. My plans were to return to the chaotic,
fast-paced, hyperactive East coast and teach school in the inner city. As I prayed through on this request, my heart’s desire changed from Jersey to Jerusalem. It was only a matter of months until I departed across the Atlantic to Tel Aviv, where an adventure at the age of 21 changed my life forever.

You see, for me, living with the Carlsons, revealed to me the hidden treasures of the Christian faith. I saw first hand how Claudia and Art prayed for God to draw young men and women to Project Kibbutz. There was no denying that their dedication, commitment, and steadfast prayer life moved the hand of God. And somehow, someway the divine plan included me. Claudia and Art lived the words of the Puritan Thomas Hooker, who once said,   "Prayer is my chief work, and it is by means of it that I carry on the rest." Today I stand here as a testimony to Claudia and Art’s prayer life. Prayers that not only moved an Italian Pentecostal, Jersey boy but prayers of faith that moved you too. Just look around this room. All of us have been drawn into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ because of the prayer life of a Claudia and Art - living in the Shadow of Abraham, across the pond in the land of Israel. And four decades later, this reunion has taken place not by mere chance, nor by random coincidence, but by a spiritual conversation that began years ago and continues to this day between Claudia, Art,
and God.

I am deeply humbled and extremely honored to have been mentored by God’s beloved servants, Claudia and Art and I will be forever grateful for their willingness to invite a stranger into their home, for welcoming me into their family, and for investing “time” in my life. Time to think critically, time to pray fervently, time to love unconditionally, and time to wait quietly. The time spent with me was purposeful, it underscored Christian values, and equipped me for service. It was under their tutelage that I learned that "the external call goes to all people but only the elect experience the internal call.” That in following the “call” lost time can never be regained. Therefore it is my Christian duty to make the best use of my time, to redeem the time, to number my days and to cherish each moment. As it was once said, the present moments are the only ones in which any duty may be done or grace received.

reflection, the graces received continue to this day. Thank you, Claudia, For when the time came for me to depart from the Carlson home, a separation never really took place. For I had learned that there is no distance in prayer, no separation in the family of God, an­d no life experience, valley or mountaintop, that can silence the voice of God communicated through His servants. So off I went, not alone but with Jesus and the foundational principles of the Christian faith rooted deep within my heart thanks to the faithful seed planting, of Claudia, Art, and their children. 
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Diana Shaw
Supervisor Fed Govt 1
It is hard to believe that it has been more than 40 years since I joined PK on Kibbutz Tsuba with 2 others from my home youth group Jerry Hofferbert and Dave Stoops in 1977. Jeanine and Nick were the group leaders. We had a wonderful supportive team. It seems that we made a LOT of trips up the Seven Sisters back and forth to Jerusalem and Art and Claudia were not far away in Motza with a house full of kids!
I stayed on with the first group on Kibbutz Hulata 1978-1979 a place I grew to love very much despite how muggy it was compared to the climate near Jerusalem on Tsuba..... and for a 3rd year with the 1979-1980 group on Kibbutz Gadot which was truly a very unique group that I think I only fully appreciated when it was all said and done. The many hours spent traveling back and forth in the cotton fields between Hulata and Gadot between the two teams was a favorite activity for many of us as we would visit for Hebrew lessons and meetings with Art or just to get the teams together. All the trips, Wadi Kelt, the Golan, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea and to the Sinai and Santa Katarina when it was still controlled by Israel and very inspiring  visits with Lance Lambert in Jerusalem  when al of the groups would get together.   They were very formative years.
After PK I went to college and then worked for many years teaching and running a small business.  I have many fond memories of my time in Israel and I look forward to seeing all of you again after all these years.
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Moe & Kathy Smith
Profile picture
Profile picture
Moe- Retired school teacher, Kathy- Retired Elijah House prayer counselor Married 3
After our 2nd tour of Israel in 1984 we went to Phoenix and were involved in a marriage ministry for 3 1/2 years. Moved back to California and went back to teaching till 2012 when I retired. Kathy homeschooled our three kids and after they grew up she was involved in prayer counseling for 16 years.  We’re involved in the Vineyard for many years as well as other local churches. Are busier than when we were both working with our adult children and 5 grandkids. Remember you all with great affection of our years in Israel. Look forward to seeing and hearing from you. Project Kibbutz was a turning part of my spiritual journey and still influences the young men I disciple today.  Send Moe & Kathy a MessageSend Moe & Kathy a Message
Gary Stacy
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Videographer Married 2

Lately it’s hard for me to grasp that nearly forty years have passed since I arrived in Jerusalem for the beginning of my Project Kibbutz experience. Of course that was the summer of 1979, and the years have surely passed.

I was with Project Kibbutz for two years. My first year was with the team on Kibbutz Gadot, and then I volunteered for another year, and was sent to nearby Kibbutz Hulata. The two kibbutzim were separated by cotton fields, about a forty-five minute walk between the settlements.

There was so much that happened in that period of time, and each team was genuinely unique and special. The relationships among our team members seemed to grow deeper; somehow more connected than most friendships I’ve experienced before or since. Our interactions with our local Israeli kibbutzniks prospered into friendships, that for many lasted a lifetime.

The upcoming Project Kibbutz reunion is now staring us in the face, and I’m eager to be a part of it. My wife, Sarah, and I will be able to attend together.

Sarah and I met approximately four years after I left PK. We met through church in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, the area where she had grown up. At the time I was working in radio. We were married in 1986.

I joined the U.S. Army the following year. In the next ten-years we were stationed throughout the states, had a three-year assignment to Italy, and were blessed with two beautiful daughters, Caitlin and Madeline. Five years ago I retired from the Army, and now operate a small business. Sarah has followed her calling; she is very involved with our homeless community. 

A lot has happened on our journey; too much to include in this space. But Sarah and I are living examples of God’s restoration and grace. We are humbled and thankful for what He has accomplished in our lives.

We now reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, near our three grandchildren.

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Tasse Preeshl/Geffert/Anderberg (Swanson)
Profile picture
Retired Married 1
I am looking forward to the PK Reunion and am grateful for all those who have worked hard to make it happen. 
I served in Project Kibbutz from 1979-1982. I began on Kibbutz Gadot with GK and Diana Shaw as my leaders. It was a wonderful year, lots of kibbutz and team relationships have endured. I have been back to Gadot about 4 times. I then was in leadership on Kibbutz G’Var Am with David Hinders. From there I was asked to go to Nepal to support Cindy Perry in her ministry in Kathmandu to the Women of the church she was serving at. The funds to make that trip possible came from the faithful people of Project Kibbutz. From there I served on Dafna, on the Special Studies Team.  
I went home via /England in 1982, visiting with Helen Beales (then Copperman), Pauline Levins and Martin, in Amsterdam with YWAM at that time. Shortly after  returning to the states I was married to Dale Geffert. Dale and I felt led to missions and worked in Guatemala for a summer wiht Jim and Jamie Nedrud (who were in PK '79-'80) and then went to Pokhara Nepal and worked with International Nepal Fellowship, a ministry I had become familiar with while working with Cindy Perry. Dale and I worked at Green Pastures Leprosy Hospital. shortly after our return Emily our daughter was born. This is her 4th year as a teacher in Kuwait.  She was also aboard the Logos Hope Ship with Operation Mobilization for 2 years.  I was married to Dale for 11 years when he died of Mesothelioma in 1994. There were difficult years that followed, the Lord was near. I took a trip to Israel the next year after he died. The song by Twilla Paris was in my mind. “They don’t know that I go running home when I fall down.” It was a wonderful trip. I felt sheltered in the arms of the Lord through Uri and Irit Van Esso on G’Var Am. Irit prayed for me to re marry, though it was not on my mind. 
I did remarry two years later to a man from our church: Don Anderberg with his 4 custodial daughters. We had five girls in our home. Someone asked him how it was living with six girls. He wisely said “I like Girls”. That was good because our dog and cat were both female as well. Don and I enjoyed a church trip to Israel in 2000.
Unfortunately Don also passed away eight years and one day after Dale. He died in 2002 of a sudden heart attack while running with a friend. There was a lot of sadness in our home. I see his children, who are all grown with families now. 
After Don died I did not want to remarry. I kept myself content and interested in life by supporting Emily through high school, going back to Israel in 2003 and then to live there for a year in 2005-2006. Israel has continued to feel very much like home to me, and a place of growth in Christ and rebooting my life. Emily and I  worked at a Guest house in Migdol in connections with Jerusalem Cornerstone and Christ Ministries in Jerusalem. Emily went to ninth grade in Katzrin at the public school, immersion learning and she passed and received full credit for her year. She became proficient in Hebrew. 
She then joined Operation Mobilization on the Logos Hope ship. Sailed to 34 ports over two years. During that time I served on the council of our church (North Heights Lutheran) for 6 years and got my Masters and License in Marriage and Family Therapy. They were challenging and satisfying years. 
When Emily finished college and started to work at an International School in Kuwait, Don’s mom encouraged me to start thinking about remarriage. I was not particularly open but being herself a widow she said “you have a long life ahead of you”, and that I may want to consider it. I told the Lord if he brought someone to my doorstep I would pay attention but did not want to seek it out. 
You guessed it. Where did I meet my third husband? At my front door as he was coming to a missionary retirement party I was co-hosting. Lance Swanson and I share many common friends and some shared history that goes back to l978 and 79. It has been a wonderful transition, especially because he made it so easy for me. We married in October of 2017, that same month he retired, prepared and sold his home in Duluth MN and moved to St. Paul to my home. I have now joined him in a life of leisure retiring this May 1st from Hennepin County Medical Center where I had worked for 24 plus years in different areas of psychiatry. 
There are many more things I could say about how the Lord has been with me through all of this. He has been “good and what he does is good”, even if we don’t understand it. I look forward to hearing from so many of you and have really appreciated the love and support I have received from Project Kibbutz friendships over the years. 
Tasse Swanson
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Daniel Walker
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Active Duty Marine Corp Investigator Married 5
I was a young boy in PK with my parents Phil and Debbie Walker and my older brothers Jon and Timothy. After Israel, we spent a year in England before moving to Kenya in 1986. After graduating from Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, I moved back to the states. I joined the Marine Corps in January of 2002 and have served 16 and half years on active duty. My job in the MC is as a Criminal Investigator. I married Brandi (Odom) in March of 2003 and we have five children together; Mackenzie-14, Isla-12, Isaiah-10, Malachi-7 and Avery-5. 
Amy Overcash (White)
Teacher Married 3
I went to Israel in the Spring of 1984, after orientation on Hagoshrim, I was on Kibbutz G'varam with team leaders Connie Sabotka and Tony Lavers.  I had received a year leave of absence from my employer IBM to go to Israel.  When I returned to the States in Summer '85 I went back to my job as a software developer for IBM.  I used my vacation time to return for visits each year until I married Tom in 1991.  My husband and I lead a tour group to Israel in '92 and that's the last time I was there.  We have 3 children Rachel, Grant and Noah.  I stopped working for IBM to devote my efforts toward raising our children.  I homeschooled them off and on :) and am now a teacher at a hybrid school where students attend traditional classes 2 1/2 days/wk and homeschool 2 days/wk.  I ditto the comments by most, that my time is Israel laid a foundation for the remainder of my life.  I've tried to stay true to the 3 fold vision of Project Kibbutz: Building up of the Body of Christ, Outpouring of the love of Christ to the people of Israel and Going forth with the Gospel Send Amy   a MessageSend Amy a Message
Teresa Teresa Williams (Williams)
Retired teacher Single
When I came home fro Israel I finished college at Texas Tec University with a Bachelor s degree in Education , specializing in Special Education! I was a Special Ed. Teacher for 27 years! I retired in 2015 mov ed back to my hometown Lubbock! Now I work at Trinity Early Childhood with babies! Send Teresa a MessageSend Teresa a Message
Melodie Williams (Wilson)
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Retired bookkeeper/teacher Married
Gvaram 1980/81, Sde Nehemiah 1982/83, Lebanon team 1983, Kenya team 1984, Menara 1985, Hagoshrim 1986, Hulata 1987/1988, Dafna 1998, Baram 1999/2000 Between 1989 and 1997 I lived at home in Zimbabwe, firstly getting involved in our family farm and then teaching for 7 years at a Christian High School nearby. This culminated in a divinely orchestrated trip to Israel with 7 of the school girls, one of whom joined me for a short time in a team on Dafna in 1998 to participate in the resurrected vision of the Galilee Training Program with more emphasis on outreach. I stayed on in Israel connected with this program until 2001, when God called me back to Zimbabwe. My family had had to leave our farm because of the farm invasions and I felt I needed to be with my widowed mom at that stressful time. My brother and his family had left to make a living in South Africa, and my sister, Carol, was with Mum. A few months after my arrival early in 2002, I met Roy and we married in 2004. My sister left for England in 2008, and my mom passed on in 2010. In 2011 Roy made his first overseas trip with me to Goa, India, where I had neurosurgery to have a tumour removed and where I had a remarkable encounter with the Lord. In 2014 the Lord started impressing upon both of us that it was time to move on. Unexpectedly, a call came from YWAM in Goa to help oversee a retreat centre we had visited in 2011, so we spent 6 months there in 2015, and used our round-trip ticket to test the waters in England. Since the doors clearly opened, we relocated in 2016, and now live on the Isle of Wight with my sister. Send Melodie a MessageSend Melodie a Message
Jeff Wingo
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Photographer Married 3
1980-81: Dafna Team 1
Served on the first Dafna team alongside leaders Barbie & Craig, and with Russell, Nick, Mark, Rick, Cindy, Karin, Yvonne, Colleen, Becky, Fran, Theresa, Dianne, Babs and Meri.

Came back to Harrisonburg,Virginia and began serving on the Worship Team at our church. I married my wife, Michele, in 1983 and we have three children and two grandchildren. My work has mostly been in technology and have recently retired from Apple. I am now self employed as a photographer in the Richmond, Virginia area.

In recent years, I have traveled overseas on mission trips once to Ecuador and five times to Vietnam. 
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