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Helen Copperman (Beales)
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Library Assistant Single
After PK I
 lived briefly with Pauline Levins
​ (Gadot)​
 and Babs Price 
​(Dafna) ​
and we 
​ PK orientation​
 days. I
​ ​
 various admin jobs including a Christian holiday company and as courier
​, ​
an estate agent and with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), a UK aid charity. I married in 1995 and joined my British husband living in Lausanne, Switzerland, not far from Jacqueline Fleury (Hulata). Then we moved to Dublin, Ireland and after the millennium to 
​northern ​
Athens, Greece. 
​From there 
we went to Casablanca,
​ M​
 to 3 Chinese cities, 
​moving ​
north to south.  Throughout I 
guages, volunteered, coached English and was active in (mostly) expat churches. I wrote some short articles for a UK newspaper, 
​occasionally ​
proofread a 
 paper, worked 
​in ​the 
British Chamber of Commerce
​ Morocco
 and an American Christian school with 
 Korean students
​ (China)
. I have enjoyed the variety! I returned to the UK in 2014 and now work part time in 
​several ​
public libraries. I’ve settled in Bristol to be near family and have somewhere new to explore. I
​'ve picked up watercolour painting after a long gap
​​ I'm involved in two groups reaching overseas students, most of whom are Chinese.
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nick ciccone
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Builder Single
On Kibbutz Ge-var Am 1980 Send nick a MessageSend nick a Message
Brita McArthur (Gieryic)
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Labor Services Rep for NYS DOL Married 2
I was part of the 82-83 Dan team with Jim & Tammy. I grew so much as a person under their leadership and it started me on an amazing journey of Singles Ministries, Mom's & Women's Ministries and being on verious Worship teams.  In '87 I was blessed to go to Kenya and take part in ministry and discipleship with the Walkers and the Goodwins, learning and growing in the Lord! I was married a few months after turning 40 to a dear man I met at my 20th high school reunion and so entered in a new phase of life - learning to live as part of a different kin d of team. My son was born shortly before I turned 42 and so this crazy flip flop of life had me changing diapers when most people are sending their offspring to college! I also have a lovely step-daughter who I was priveleged to meet when she was 6. I have lived in Texas and now am near Albany, NY where we are part of a wonderful church and have been involved in so many different aspects of ministry, from music to fellowship and also to missions in Nicaragua where we have a partnership with the lovely community of El Castillo. I am looking forward to re-connecting with PK friends.
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Mary Beth Foley (Green)
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Business owner/ hair stylist Married 4
Allan & I through PK, Dafna, then Kiryat Anavim. 81-83. We moved to Tulsa after getting married  1983. We were drawn to a church here Tulsa  Chuck Farrah was a pastor/elder. In the tradition of many PKers had four children. We have two grandchildren. Consider the year & a half the  most challenging, formative influence in my life. Oh, wait that is beside having for children. Can’t wait to recnnect with ya’ll, this coming from a Bostonian turned Okie. Send Mary Beth a MessageSend Mary Beth a Message
RosaLee Smithers (Hagstrom)
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Teacher Married 6
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Steven Kennedy
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Retired teacher Married 2
I was on Kibbutz Dafna under the leadership of Rick Griffiths and Francis Colbourne in 1981-82. We had a fabulous life transforming year and I grew much in the things of Christ. I taught in British education for many years and am now a missionary to several countries in Africa and Europe. I am happily married to my wife Dawn. Send Steven a MessageSend Steven a Message
Dianne LaScotte
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My first kibbutz volunteer experience was on Yiftah before it was part of the PK kibbutzim.
Nancy (Hummel) O'Brien, Colleen (O'Connor) Hedman, and I spent the summer of '79 there. I returned as a volunteer with PK to Dafna '80-'81 and again to Dafna the summer of '84.

Since that time, I have been back to Israel only once--in 2014 on pilgrimage with some family members. The tour bus pulled into Dafna long enough for me to discover that the dining room had become a chocolate museum.

I spent 40 years in the classroom and am enjoying the gift of time.

I am looking forward to the reunion in August.
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Michael Ledner
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Pastor./Farmer Married 2
Sept 1980-Sept 1981: served on Kibbutz Tzuba
Sept 1981-Dec 1981: served on Kibbutz Dafna
1984-1987 Toured with JFJ's group The Liberated Wailing Wall
1987 married the girl of my dreams, Lylah; we have 2 dear daughters and 7 
     delightful grandkids.
1989-1993 Attended Multnomah University; Portland, OR
1995 - present, Pastor of a home church in Scottsdale, AZ
2010-present - doing farming on a small 3 acre farm in Scottsdale, AZ. 
Still writing music.
Growing in love for Jesus and people - the latter bringing me to my knees more : )  

Looking forward to a time of worshipping before the throne and  the glorious encouragement of His precious ones, and food...don't forget food - food is good. Passage I think is relevant to our upcoming time together:

The LORD your God in the midst of you is mighty; he will save, He will rejoice over you with joy; He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17) I mean, after all, we were created for His, what's not to delight in?
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Ka Marsh (Lenard)
retired teacher Widowed
I joined PK in summer of 1980, completing 6 weeks of Orientation at Dunklin Memorial Camp in South Florida (not much culture shock since I am a native Floridian...).  In early September of the same year, I flew to Israel with all of the other "newbes".  I was assigned to Kibbutz Hulata with team leaders Marc and Susan Horner.  That year was life-changing for me both emotionally and spiritually.  After several months visiting in the States, I returned to Israel and Kibbutz Dafna in December of 1981 and was part of the Hishtalmut team for all of 1982.  In the fall of 1983 I joined Youth With A Mission in Arkansas and served with them for the next 4 years, doing some short-term outreaches in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico.  I then moved to South Florida and earned a degree in Special Education.  I taught children with special needs for 23 years.  In 2000, I married a special Christian man, Greg Lenard.  We were married for 9 years when he passed away from effectx of multiple sclerosis.  I am now retired from teaching but have continued to be involved in my local church (Westside Baptist) and volunteer at the hospital, school, and GraceWay Village (a local nonprofit organization that helps families in poverty "get ahead".  In 2017, I re-ignited my heart for missions by doing two mission trips (to Haiti and El Salvador).  I am so excited to have this opportunity to "re-connect" with as many from PK as possible and find out what'God has done in your lives.  He certainly has been at work with me.:) Send Ka a MessageSend Ka a Message
Aaron Newcomb
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Development Director; Engedi Refuge Ministries Married 4
In P.K. I did my first year at Sde Nehemiah in 1982 - 83, leadership training at Dafna in'83, and a year as team leader with June Walsh in '83 - '84.  It was a wonderful, life changing experience.
Lea and I married in Tulsa, OK in 1985.  We had 26 incredible years in Tulsa raising our four kids.  I worked in construction.  Lea and I both served the local church in various capacities.  As Lea wrote, we moved to the Northwest in 2011 and founded a special program for sex trafficking victims.  Every day is a gift, and a privilege to  serve others through the grace of Christ.
I look forward to seeing you all again.
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Lea Livingston (Newcomb)
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Executive Director of Non-Profit Married 4
Aaron and I have been married 32 years.  We met while both on PK teams, he the leader at Gonen and I the leader at Sede Nehemiah.  In my three years on PK teams, I lived on Gadot, Hagoshrim, Dafna and Sede.  Currently we are living in Washington state, where we co-founded a non profit called Engedi Refuge Ministires, which is a restoration ministry for victims of sex trafficking and prostitution.  We have been involved in anti-human trafficking efforts since 2007.  We opened our safe house in March of 2013 and have been going strong ever since.  Our oldest daughter lives near us in Bellingham, our next two daughters live in Oregon, and our son lives in Tulsa.  We have one grandchild. Send Lea a MessageSend Lea a Message
Barbie Livingston (Odom)
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Teacher and Chaplain Married 6
I have been a stay at home mom, a teacher of Biblical Hebrew, and a Hospice Chaplain. Currently teaching with DAI (a masters in Organizational Leadership) and DML--Discipling Market Place Leaders. I love to read, make quilts and garden.  Send Barbie a MessageSend Barbie a Message
Milton Odom
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Manufacturing & Sales Married 6
1977/8 on Tsuba then Nativ Ha Lamed Hey then '79 on Gvar Am, 80 w/Carlsons, 81/2 Dafna, Barbie and I married on Dafna in Israel in 1982 - moved to Tulsa in 1984 - had 6 kids - Worked in construction - youth pastors for 7 years - 1993 Joined YWAM for 3 1/2 years in Richmond VA and made several trips back to Israel with YWAM - Back to Tulsa in 1997 - Again youth pastors for 7 years - continued working in construction - 2014 started Ft. Knox Locks.  4 of our 6 kids are married and we currently have 10 grandchildren.  Fun fact - I met one of my current son in law's my first year in israel a full year before I even met Barbie!  Our oldest daughter Brandi married Phil & Debbie Walker's youngest son Daniel and we share 5 grandchildren with Phil & Debbie. Send Milton a MessageSend Milton a Message
Teresa Teresa Williams (Williams)
Retired teacher Single
When I came home fro Israel I finished college at Texas Tec University with a Bachelor s degree in Education , specializing in Special Education! I was a Special Ed. Teacher for 27 years! I retired in 2015 mov ed back to my hometown Lubbock! Now I work at Trinity Early Childhood with babies! Send Teresa a MessageSend Teresa a Message
Melodie Williams (Wilson)
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Retired bookkeeper/teacher Married
Gvaram 1980/81, Sde Nehemiah 1982/83, Lebanon team 1983, Kenya team 1984, Menara 1985, Hagoshrim 1986, Hulata 1987/1988, Dafna 1998, Baram 1999/2000 Between 1989 and 1997 I lived at home in Zimbabwe, firstly getting involved in our family farm and then teaching for 7 years at a Christian High School nearby. This culminated in a divinely orchestrated trip to Israel with 7 of the school girls, one of whom joined me for a short time in a team on Dafna in 1998 to participate in the resurrected vision of the Galilee Training Program with more emphasis on outreach. I stayed on in Israel connected with this program until 2001, when God called me back to Zimbabwe. My family had had to leave our farm because of the farm invasions and I felt I needed to be with my widowed mom at that stressful time. My brother and his family had left to make a living in South Africa, and my sister, Carol, was with Mum. A few months after my arrival early in 2002, I met Roy and we married in 2004. My sister left for England in 2008, and my mom passed on in 2010. In 2011 Roy made his first overseas trip with me to Goa, India, where I had neurosurgery to have a tumour removed and where I had a remarkable encounter with the Lord. In 2014 the Lord started impressing upon both of us that it was time to move on. Unexpectedly, a call came from YWAM in Goa to help oversee a retreat centre we had visited in 2011, so we spent 6 months there in 2015, and used our round-trip ticket to test the waters in England. Since the doors clearly opened, we relocated in 2016, and now live on the Isle of Wight with my sister. Send Melodie a MessageSend Melodie a Message
Jeff Wingo
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Photographer Married 3
1980-81: Dafna Team 1
Served on the first Dafna team alongside leaders Barbie & Craig, and with Russell, Nick, Mark, Rick, Cindy, Karin, Yvonne, Colleen, Becky, Fran, Theresa, Dianne, Babs and Meri.

Came back to Harrisonburg,Virginia and began serving on the Worship Team at our church. I married my wife, Michele, in 1983 and we have three children and two grandchildren. My work has mostly been in technology and have recently retired from Apple. I am now self employed as a photographer in the Richmond, Virginia area.

In recent years, I have traveled overseas on mission trips once to Ecuador and five times to Vietnam. 
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