August 2, 2018
6 months and 15 days since
our celebration.

“I’m a finisher” - the next Teul
Here we are over 40 years since some of the earliest young people (and some not so young) arrived to serve the Jewish people on Kibbutziem in Israel.  And since then, perhaps like no other modern “project”, has it been more true that “many people would …. go up to the mountain of the Lord … learn His ways … and the Word of the Lord would go forth from Jerusalem” Is. 2:3.  The stories which can be told of God’s faithfulness to His word are abundant.  Some have gone on to model Christ in secular jobs, some as pastors or missionaries to other countries and people groups.  Some children of PKers have done likewise.  I’m sure for most it hasn’t been “smooth sailing”.  We have stood against the enemy for our own lives, marriages, kids, family and friends and are coming out the other side.  Some of us have been in places to continue relationships gained in Israel and some not so much.  I was at Gene Griffin’s funeral last week and for those who don’t know Gene, he was in the Navigator’s with Art and Chuck Farah back in the early 60’s and joined Art in Israel on a PK pilot of sorts in the late 60’s.  He reportedly leaned over to one of his good friends in those last days and whispered “I’m a finisher”.  And honestly, it's always another lap, another leg or another 1/4 mile as we never know exacely where the finish line is.  That is our hope for all of you and for this reunion.  Not to reclaim some past vision or glory from 4 decades ago but to be inspired to continue the race with renewed courage and purpose so that we too might finish well.

Post Script! - Thank you Art for all the laughs, the faithfulness to the call, the teuls, the great teachings and teachers!  You truly did well and finished well!  See you on the other side.


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